Eli Dagostino
Eli Dagostino
Eli Dagostino’s zest for life has been celebrated on the stages of SNL, on the pages of Vanity Fair and in the seats of Carnegie Hall and the MET Museum.

Eli Dagostino

Founder & Creative Director

Eli Dagostino works with deep people and creative businesses to help them engage with more of the people who need them most and gain recognition through the power of their own unique stories.

His journey has taken him from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard to the streets of New York City, and his zest for life has been celebrated on the stages of SNL, on the pages of Vanity Fair and in the seats of Carnegie Hall.

From child actor, to award-winning photographer to now internationally recognized multi-media visual storyteller, his passion for making a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of beautiful creative storytelling is unwavering.

Eli runs Silhouette Stories remotely from out on the road.

Beverly Booher

Executive Assistant

Beverly Booher joined the Silhouette team energized to live her passion for creating smiles.

She has 10+ years experience overseeing clear client communications and assisting entrepreneurs in sculpting their dreams into successful realities.

Bev is a published photographer and an acclaimed writer of the subjects closest to her heart; surviving breast cancer and her role as caregiver to her mother challenged with Alzheimers.

With a steadfast focus on finding the light in every moment, Bev is deeply connected with each and every one of our clients and loves assisting in the sharing their inspiring stories.

Beverly works for Silhouette Stories remotely from Cleveland, OH.

James R. Popovic

Audio Editor

James R. Popovic has been a multi-media content creator since the late 1980’s. He is an experienced digital artist working with clients such as Smuckers, Little Tykes, Anchor Hocking and General Electric.

James’ work has received a Guru award from Photoshop World and he has been presented with multiple ADDY awards for his collaborations with other digital artists.

Beyond the visual realm, James’ true passion lies in the world of audio. From mastering to audio repair; achieving the best possible sound design with the mind-blowing tools available today is what drives him to wake up every morning.

James works for Silhouette Stories remotely from Cleveland, OH.

Madeline Stedman

Video Editor

Madeline Stedman is a film editor who graduated with a BFA in Film & Television Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts in May 2017.

Madeline has contributed to over fifty projects and is a freelance film editor for Vogue and Nylon among others.

Like Eli, Madeline is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. In addition to editing films, she's a director, actor, and screenwriter.

Madeline works for Silhouette Stories remotely from New York City.