Eli Dagostino
Eli Dagostino
Eli Dagostino’s zest for life has been celebrated on the stages of SNL, on the pages of Vanity Fair and in the seats of Carnegie Hall and the MET Museum.

I tell stories with artfully curated portrait photography.

Taking advantage of my eclectic travel schedule, I collaborate with large, impactful, forward-thinking companies to capture cohesive brand-centric portraits featuring their passionate teams and customers from city-to-city.

I have acted on the stages of SNL, my portraiture has graced the pages of Vanity Fair, my photography has been honored at Carnegie Hall and I’ve spoken at the MET museum and Squarespace.

I strive to create custom-tailored imagery that is approachable, relatable, a feast-for-the-eyes, inspiring, engaging and poised to make a positive impact.

Eli cares deeply and is genuinely curious about what people do and why they do it. Eli’s portraits are masterful, they are a gift to his subjects and also to viewers.
Eli Dagostino is a true artist. Creative, sensitive and intuitive, his work celebrates individuality and at the same time speaks to our common humanity — the joys of work, family, love and longevity.
Working with Eli has opened my eyes and my heart. I have learned to trust his eye allowing a new and dormant me to emerge through his work. He pushes the boundaries of what a portrait should be.
From the first moments of contact with Eli, I knew I was in extremely capable hands. He is exceptionally efficient and effective, professional and fun! He is brilliant and energetic, and his work is deeply soulful. You will be in good hands with Eli Dagostino!

1995 — Born in Boston, MA

1996 — Grew up living year-round on the island of Martha’s Vineyard

2001 — Moved to New York City

2001 (6 yrs. old) — Began an acting career, appearing on Saturday Night Live, Blues Clues and many more

2004 — Moved back to Martha’s Vineyard

2010 (15 yrs. old) — Opened a seasonal wedding and family portrait photography business

2011 — Honored at Carnegie Hall for a Scholastic award winning portrait

2013 — Photography business took off, soon grossing six figures every four month season

2015 — Portrait of 107 yr. old poet Peggy Freydberg gets published by Vanity Fair

2018 (23 yrs. old) — My partner Garrett lands his dream job stage managing for Hamilton’s (broadway musical) tour

2018 — Garrett, our puppy Spoon and I embarked on an open-ended international tour

2018 — Combining my experience acting and my entrepreneurial success, I began speaking and making public appearances

2018 — Appeared on Marie Forleo’s online TV show in front of 30,000 entrepreneurs, spoke at the MET Museum and at Squarespace’s HQ in New York City as well as at venues in Seattle, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Cleveland and Ft. Lauderdale

PRESENT DAY — My focus has returned to photography, and taking advantage of my eclectic travel schedule, I am collaborating with large, impactful, forward-thinking companies to capture cohesive brand-centric portraits featuring their passionate teams and customers from city-to-city

Photo by Sam Grossman

Photo by Sam Grossman

Eli Dagostino was a captivating speaker at our headquarters in New York City. He addressed our local community of web designers like a seasoned pro. Eli is an expert advisor when addressing those wishing to grow their brands. I observed members of the audience taking fastidious notes and photos as Eli’s slides progressed, and people were lining up for his Q&A afterward. I call that a success! Working with Eli throughout the planning process was more like working with a close friend. We brainstormed the programming together, and we were in constant communication leading up to the event. Eli custom-tailored his presentation to fit our needs and was dedicated in his pursuit of powerfully impacting our audience. I would undoubtedly recommend Eli as a speaker.
Photo by Kait Ebinger

Photo by Kait Ebinger

Eli Dagostino was a warm presence at the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards exhibition at the MET Museum in New York City. As an alumni of our Scholastic Awards, Eli was encouraging to the room full of young creatives and welcomed and hosted with much enthusiasm. In his presentation, Eli energetically, confidently and passionately demonstrated through his experiences how heart-filling, world-changing creative endeavors are worth pursuing. We are proud to have Eli as one of our ambassadors!