Kathy & Jeff

“I have lived on the island of Martha’s Vineyard for over 20 years and my husband has been “on-island” more than 30 years. We had a lovely and intimate wedding on Memorial day this year in our own yard and garden. We selected and knew all of the wedding professional services people personally. From the caterer, the minister, the florist and the photographer; we know them all, admire their talented work and consider them friends.  We looked for people who would respect our privacy and wishes and make our day memorable. Eli Dagostino was so kind to and respectful of our friends and family. He made everyone feel at ease for the formal photographs. Eli and his wonderful assistant Alex captured the ceremony without blocking anyone’s view or standing too near the altar area. Eli’s contract and fees are in line with other photographers on-island. He took the time to explain what we didn’t understand. He and Alex took notes on what we wanted photographed when they visited our home before the wedding. That was our ” checklist” on the wedding day.  If you are planning an MV wedding, then I hope you have as lovely a day as we had. Eli’s photographs of our wedding will be enjoyed for years to come and I am happy to have shared such a sacred life event with him and Alex. Please check his website for photographs showing his wedding work and other events.”

Sarah & Scott

“My Husband and I couldn’t be happier working with Eli with respect to his professionalism, communication and his work.  We live off island and would make spur of the moment trips and he always made himself available to meet and was always responsive via email.  He was explicit in how he was going to shoot the wedding, both ceremony and reception, and, at first, was going to shoot with both him and his assistant but then informed us in advance that he would be shooting solo due to size of the church along with reception venue and number of guests.  We were lucky enough to have the reception at a family member’s house where the setting is absolutely beautiful and Eli was able to capture the look and feel of the theme of our wedding through his pictures.  No fuss, good direction when taking the group/wedding photos afterward and remained in the background so guests could move around and not feel like they were being photographed. All in all, I would highly recommend Eli for any event.“

Lexi & Chris

“I am so glad we chose Eli to photograph our wedding. He was wonderful to work with. I was immediately impressed with his professionalism which he maintained throughout the whole planning process and the actual wedding. Eli and his assistant Alexandra have an ease about them that enabled them to be everywhere without causing a single disruption. Most importantly, we love our wedding photos. Eli managed to capture our wedding in a way that is very honest yet still beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for more.“




Ellie Petrov

“We had the pleasure of working with Eli and one of his assistants this summer. We could not have been happier with our experience. And the photos… To say that they exceed all expectations is an understatement. They are truly fabulous! Eli is so talented and I can’t wait for the day when I can say to people, “I knew him back in the day!” I honestly could not give anyone a higher recommendation. Many, many thanks!“

Amy Sabin

“I am a photo snob and I freely admit it. Eli’s work is gorgeous and we were thrilled to work with him. He took some newborn and family portraits for us over the summer and this past week and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Eli was so great with our son-extremely patient when he got fussy and super silly to get smiles when needed. Scheduling was a breeze, he was punctual, came with great ideas and also was happy to tromp through the woods and crawl through muddy weeds to get great photos. We will absolutely use him again.“

Amanda Vaughn

“Eli has photographed our family twice in the last two years. We treasure the photos. Eli was able to capture our son’s personality and the photos are displayed throughout our home.  He also has a wonderful presence and is at ease with different age groups and personalities. Our almost three year old still talks about Eli although we have not seen him in several months.”

Brian Ditchfield

“I’ve used Eli both personally (to shoot pictures of my newborn) and at my business (The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival). He has been exceptional in both instances. His pictures are beautiful and delivered in a timely manor. His energy is infectious when on a shoot, but also quiet and subtle when the moment is required for candid shots.”

Nancy Aronie

“I was lucky enough to have a session with Eli this last summer. i don’t think i ever enjoyed being photographed as much. Not only did he make it fun and easy but he somehow managed to take the BEST pictures of me ever!  I felt relaxed and real and that’s what is reflected in the shots. I would recommend this guy to any one any age any time!”

Sarah Lamstein

“I couldn’t have been happier with Eli’s portrait of me for my website.  The session was relaxed and great options came of it.  I was more than satisfied with the image I chose, which showed me just as I wanted.”

Nicole Galland

“I hate getting my picture taken, and I warned Eli of that when we began our shoot (I needed an author photo, and in case I haven’t mentioned it, I hate getting my photo taken.) Working with Eli was such a joy – he actually made it FUN, because he was having so much fun himself. He didn’t just want a good photo – he wanted me to have a good experience while we were doing it. He succeeded in both arenas. Most of my memories of the shoot – done outside on a freezing day in February, prime conditions for me to be grumpy – are of giggling, or enjoying watching Eli giggle. I’m looking forward to the next shoot – which is an extraordinary accomplishment on his part. And the photos are really terrific. I used one as my ID card at a conference I went to; another is on my website; and one is my Facebook profile – he captured the professional angle, but also the personal. I recommend Eli with boundless enthusiasm. He’s a delight to work with and a true craftsman.“




The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

“For three years we have hired Eli to photograph our festival annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival, our Cinema Circus, and our Summer Film Series. His professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with. He not only creatively shoots the many beautiful details and moments, he also uses his superior editing skills to produce photos that capture the spirit of our events.  His images translate well to web and print publications. We love working with him and look forward to collaborating with him for years to come.”

Om of Motion

“I used Eli Dagostino to photograph me for my website in the fall of 2010. He captured wonderful photos that really show who I am. He is intuitive and sensitive. I feel like he “got me” as a person, and was able to create environments with light and backgrounds that complemented and described me in ways that words never could. Eli’s pictures are truly worth a thousand words.”

Marie-Louise Rouff Paintings

“Eli has made taking pictures a real pleasure. He took some fabulous shots of my studio and of me working. It is great to work with a photographer who at such a young age has professional maturity and great sensitivity. His pictures are strong and capture some of the intensity that goes into making paintings. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Eli, and highly recommend both his working methods and the quality of his photographs.“



facebook page recommendations:

Monica Himmelheber: “this guy is FANTASTIC.”

Sherry Sidoti: “eli.dag’s photos are the BEST.”

Alexandra London-Thompson: “Extraordinary photographer. Check him out!”

Patti Dardinski Roads: “Eli’s work is delightful!”

Mathea Morais: “A true talent, a real professional and a brilliant mind. Not something you come across often and a true treat to know and work with.”

Carissa Tondorf: “You have inspired us to actually hang some pictures- you captured us in the best way- and it was so easy! You and James were fun to hang out with, you were amazing with cassady (our toddler) and we are all excited to work with you again in years to come. Martha’s Vineyard is lucky to have you!!!”

Peter Stray: ”Eli is passionate, friendly and a consumate professional. many people own cameras and take nice pictures, but Eli can truly capture a moment, and someone’s essence.”

Laurel Redington Whitaker: ”Eli captures the essence of everyone he photographs!”

Linda Brodsky: ”Did a great shoot of our family. Puts us right at ease. Cannot wait to see the shots!”